Thorazim is the smallest reign of the dwarves, but not the less important. It is located in the center of the human reign of Taurin and it widen over the whole massif whose name is given. The doors of the reign have been recently opened to grant the commercial excanges with the humans, and an important alliance has been formed between the dwarves and the Bannon shire. It is told that Thorazim dwarves has discovered the secret to flight, but a lot of people consider that a legend.

The elite corp of the Thorazim army is the Ironhammer, a selected group of infantry able to face every charge in a battle.

But Thorazim walls hide another legend. A legend tells that the dwarven halfgod Thorgrim left his magic hammer hidden in the deep of Thorazim caves. Only the one that will prove his braveness will be able to brandish it again.