Rockwall is the biggest reign of the dwarves, it extends for lots of miles under the mountain chain from which it takes its name , from a side to another of the reign it takes a week to travel . To the north lies the human reign of Taurin to the south lies the human reign of Nerastus, but the distrust of dwarves minimized the contacts between the two races. The dwarves simply check out their territory and the few fortress that guards the mountain passes are assigned to the single clans which are run to ensure the safety.

Rockwall passes have been closes for over two centuries after the war of tears, the trades between the human reigns took place only via sea with considerable difficulty. When the now legendary Kard Stoneshield reopened the passes and the commerce, the trades resumed with greater intensity, but the dwarves never allowed the access to the underground kingdom. In the following years a lot of dwarves set out in search of far riches, thus the dwarven culture was again known by humans. The actual king of Rockwall, Kondor Ghimas has proved tolerant allowing some merchants the access to the kingdom to buy the artifacts so required by humans.