The reign of mounts is located in the nothern side of the nine isles. It include the mounts of Ederdamil island, Ebonahit island, Uiligash island, the isle of Teilys and Emyaryl island.

The reign capital is Midar-Minos, it's located on the high peeks of Ederdamil chain. It's told that the elven wizards modified the stone of mountains obtaining the stairs, the houses and the camminamenti. Every stone is modelled creating statues, bassorilievi and delicati intrecci di nodi.

The reign don't have anymore any tie with the other races whom are deprecated and judged inferior. For their way of thinking the look with diffidenza the reign of sea too.

The army of the mounts peculiarity is the support of legendary animals like the powerful griphons and the agile giant eagles.