The reign of the sea is located in the south side of elven islands, it is made by half of the isle of Ederdamil, the isle of Isemhir, the isle of Everam, the isle of Abamihr and the isle of Obemhar.

The capital of the reign is Aran-Lhan, but his most known town is arboreal town of Netha-Megun, one of Kallen wonders.

It is the only of the two elven reigns who still have commercial reports with humans lands, it's also because of this that the reports are tensed, and the situation is getting worst from the moment when whole villages are disappared.

The territory is divided into Endar whose regents, the Endarils, depends directly by the king.

There are not differeces by the two races of elves, just only the army specializations are differents.

The Ath-Lhan navy is considered the most efficent. The ships, fast and very maneuverbly, made them dangerous for every enemy.